Delivering clarity, precision and insight


We specialise in creating models for managers and businesses who need clarity on often complex financial, management and/or operational activities.

Navitas models are developed with rigour and innovation whilst maintaining a surprisingly sensible level of simplicity. Our goal is to leave you with a model that is easy to operate and in which you have complete confidence, such as we achieved for Ozdeck and BHP, and provides enough flexibility to accommodate the ever changing needs of a growing business.

Projects typically take between 2 days and 2 weeks timeframe.

The Navitas team prides itself in its ability to produce financial models that take a complex financial scenario and presents it to a non-financial person in a way that clarifies and simplifies the financial scenario without loss of intricacy or accuracy.

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“To take major [business] decisions without first testing their consequences in a safe environment can be likened to training an airline pilot by having him fly a 747 without first having spent months in the simulator”

The Economist