Delivering clarity, precision and insight


What is business modelling?

Business Modelling provides managers with a clear representation of a business decision making scenario.

They are used to help guide the business through a range of critical decisions. Models are usually designed in Microsoft Excel to demonstrate the performance of a business, or asset.

Business modelling is the best way to deal with the multiple events that may affect your business. Head counts, personnel costs, sales forecasts, product costs, operating expenses, product development, availability of financing (both equity and debt), capital budgets (including facility requirements), timing of collections and payments, and competitive pressures must all be considered in the decision making process. All of these parameters are able to be incorporated in the one model.

The process of modelling often brings many issues to the surface. As has so often been the case, the benefits of business modelling are not fully realised until the model has been setup. A great business model will provide the shortest path to a businesses long term objectives.


Our promise is to deliver value for money business models that provide clarity, precision and insight.

Clarity – Seeing the numbers
Our structured approach to analytical needs, guides our clients through a process to define and understand the issues, reducing complexity to manageable concepts.

Precision – Trusting the numbers
We guide our clients in defining a level of detail for calculation logic and assumptions which delivers a model that is fit for purpose whilst not being overly complex. Our methodologies and risk management procedures reduce the potential for error – enhancing confidence in the model.

Insight – Using the numbers
Our business models enable our clients to develop multiple scenarios and assess a range of options. The power of the model is enhanced when this capability is utilised to perform a varying range of outcomes.